William Henry Hill (1948-2004)

aka Big Bill, Biker Bill, Mad Bill
- Oldest Friend

A small tribute to a man who gave many so much

I first met Bill at the house in Warwick Road, Bath in May 1972. My girlfriend and I had spent 24 hours hitch-hiking down from Dunkeld near Perth in Scotland. Bill took us in and found us a bit of floor to crash on. I've lived in Bath ever since.

Even when he was young Bill was imposing. Many were afraid of him, a fact which worried Bill. He was not deliberately frightening. I always believed Bill to be imposing. He once met my late Mother, she was a shrewd judge of character and never suffered fools gladly. For years after their meeting she would ask fondly after him.

I am certain there are many souls in this world who know of Bill's love and kindness for his fellow man, woman or child.

Big Bill will be sorely missed by all whose lives were touched by him.

The Guestbook from one of Bill's webs that I managed to retrieve from a Google cache.

(I'm not sure who took the picture but if you get in touch I'll acknowledge it.)