Northern Belle - 67014

Northern Belle down from Manchester via Birmingham and Cheltenham Spa.

Batteries failed me for the arrival shot but here goes... NGC_2005_0430_125058-R8.JPG (169365 bytes) ...standing and... NGC_2005_0430_125522-R8.JPG (151814 bytes)...away
UID 150' while I was waiting for 5Z51 NGC_2005_0430_170430-BR8.JPG (145718 bytes) Hi, to a couple of rodents on their way to Cardiff. It's always good to put faces to names.
I got the return from 105'63'' NGC_2005_0430_170836-CR8.JPG (162780 bytes) NGC_2005_0430_170838-R8.JPG (149831 bytes)

Thanks to Lizard on WiltshireAvonGen for the Gen.