Salisbury  -  Deltic - 2/7/05

55019 - Royal Highland Fusilier

Arriving NGC_2005_0702_125814-R.jpg (191220 bytes)  
Running down ready for the long reverse back to the up loop NGC_2005_0702_130656-CR.jpg (147567 bytes) NGC_2005_0702_131158-AR.jpg (167502 bytes)
Running off to refuel (clag shot) and refuelling NGC_2005_0702_132300-R.jpg (182475 bytes) NGC_2005_0702_133510-CR.jpg (193297 bytes)
Why was the headboard on the back of the loco? NGC_2005_0702_153006-R.jpg (129810 bytes) NGC_2005_0702_153026-R.jpg (160624 bytes)
The mirror shot. There was a queue to take this shot. NGC_2005_0702_153514-R.jpg (500165 bytes) NGC_2005_0702_153600-R.jpg (209085 bytes)
Waiting for the off and a last minute adjustment. NGC_2005_0702_154424-ACR.jpg (202664 bytes) NGC_2005_0702_155136-AR.jpg (210619 bytes)
Finally a video from my humble Fuji S5000 320/240 4MB .WMV file 55019 leaving Salisbury.
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