Freightliner 66561 on the 'Avon Bin Liner' - 1/9/05

Thursday evening I was just passing the station when the 'Avon Bin Liner' passed late on the down line on it's way to Westmoreland Depot. Rather than go straight to the pub for a drop of Sharp's Doom Bar I walked straight down the road to the Westmoreland Depot for a couple of shots.

At the depot I could just see the loco from the east end, lurking behind some containers. NGC_2005_0901_175940-R8C10.jpg (182833 bytes) I left the yard and walked round Lower Oldfield Park to the Brougham Hayes bridge for a better view.
NGC_2005_0901_180933-CR8C10.jpg (257866 bytes) 66561 was still not visible so I just had to wait for the crane to do it's thing before a shunting operation brought it in to view. NGC_2005_0901_183205-R8C10.jpg (280441 bytes)
NGC_2005_0901_183256-R8C10.jpg (298082 bytes) After these two shots I was over come by the smell of chips drifting over from Moorland Road I had to leave. NGC_2005_0901_183618-R8C10.jpg (268553 bytes)