Bath - Green Park 5/3/2006

Anniversary of the last train to leave Green Park Station for Bournemouth 6/3/1966
A return visit, albeit by Low Loader to Bath Green Park by S&DJR loco No.89 (BR 53809)

NGC-2006_0305_150655-RC10.JPG (229566 bytes) This shot disguises the fact that the loco is standing some 3 feet above the level of the original track bed which has been in filled to bring the car-park up to platform level.


NGC-2006_0305_144743-RC10.JPG (192092 bytes) Proud as you like a real feast for the eyes.
NGC-2006_0305_144854-CR10.JPG (235262 bytes) ...the usual shot. It would have been nice to have found something to stand on.... like a car roof!!