Winter Solstice - 2004

This year we decided to dispense with the Christmas focus. None of us are practicing Christians so it seemed hypocritical.

Solstice is as timeless and fundamental to existence on this planet as anything can be. So we decided to celebrate the sun and the coming year, lengthening days and the rebirth of our side of the planet.

We did presents and feasting and drinking but not on Christmas Day. Instead on Sunday 19th we did a family feast and exchanged gifts and celebrated.

On Tuesday morning we walked up Lansdown Hill and on to Camden Crescent.

We got to Camden Crescent in good time to see the sunrise which was due in Bath at about 8:10. It was cloudy and we were too low to see where the true horizon was. Somewhere in the haze the sun was rising! NGC_2004_1221_081033CR.JPG (115159 bytes) Quarter of an hour later the sun really was beginning to appear over Combe Down...


NGC_2004_1221_082856CR.JPG (112436 bytes)
...and moments later the sky was ablaze! NGC_2004_1221_083506CR.JPG (123698 bytes) As we turned for home and work and school we spotted this brilliant scene.


NGC_2004_1221_084244CR.JPG (127648 bytes)
Sunset was no less dramatic. I caught it from the top floor of one of the university buildings. NGC_2004_1221_155648CR.JPG (124174 bytes) NGC_2004_1221_155942CR.JPG (104455 bytes) NGC_2004_1221_160200CR.JPG (120372 bytes)